Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday 1st September 1937

Three fiddling calls with “buyers out”. Three lengthy calls with plenty of trouble.
The Hospital. WT Taylor. Eastern Star.

“A perfect finish has not been obtained; brush marks are discernable…”

“From Messrs. Taylor’s letter to you it would appear… This is not quite correct…Paripan could allow a further 5% or Mr Adams could pay the extra 4/- …The latter course was adopted… Messrs. Taylor… dislike our marketing methods… I notice you do not ask for these details but in view of the recent correspondence I thought it best to explain these matters”. (I did not add that I myself had given Mr Adams 4/- so that he would not object to the increase in price.)

“The results obtained are in some cases really awful. Great inconvenience has been caused to Eastern Star Products… unless an improvement occurs soon, we shall certainly lose their business… Under separate cover I am sending pieces of a cabinet door…” (I did not add that “loss of money” figured largely in our conversation. Nor that things seemed so desperate that it would not be reasonably expected to receive further orders; that it seemed extraordinary that they should still be willing to give us another chance. However, I did enclose a brief note to our cashier – “Re: Eastern Star. Are payments being made regularly?”)…”

Oh hell! Pushing about on a bicycle with a bloody big suit case! Not making enough calls. Not taking enough orders. Initiative and enterprise slipping away from me. Bloody hell!

In private life, no friends, no colour, no romance. Damnation! But – I’ve got £9 cash in reserve.


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