Sunday, February 03, 2008

Saturday 15th January 1938

Met Mad Willy this afternoon and gossiped at the Old Mill House, Thorpe. He told me all the news of the Works and also confided that he was in love again! Yes, Miss Ealey (Joan Walmsley’s friend) had been moved into the lab. office. Mad Willy had been unable to withstand her charms at such close range. (History repeats! “I expect the men will soon be talking” he said, gloomily.) At last, when they were alone in the office, he asked her to come to the Pictures – “In a terrible dead silence” He then gazed hopelessly and numbly through the window amazed at his own impudence.
Of course, she said “yes” and they had a nice time and are meeting again. Good old Maddison!

Further to an interchange of letters, I met Winnie Clow tonight. She was previously the efficient and attractive maid at the Victoria Inn. Strange sort of girl. Frightfully ingenuous and idealistic. I believe she idealises me, in some queer way! Doesn’t know mw very well, of course. I rang Waybridge 1456 to make the rendezvous. Afterwards we drove aimlessly around in the bright moonlight, walked across St. Anne’s Hill and threw stones in the Well.


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