Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday 31st December 1937

New Year’s Eve!

Opened a new account – my own St. Christopher’s Garage – for cellulose materials; made a few feeble calls and set forth. Drove again through London to the West End and parked Zephyr. Feeling strangely provincial, I then went to Waterloo because that was a familiar place. Had a sandwich; sat in the news theatre; had a wash and brush up.

Met John in the evening. Dined at Schmidt’s. John produced huge cigars. We puffed at these. Defiantly pulled our RA ties out so that they dangled over our waistcoats.
Called at The Fitzroy for a drink, operated various pin tables, visited a Winchester rifle range in the Strand. Met Dick and Pepita at 10:30. We decided this should be our last year on the streets, with the crowds. Next year – The Chelsea Art’s Ball!

Five minutes to twelve: the surging mass at Piccadilly Circus. Good weather. More people than last year. Suddenly everyone cheered. I could see no clock, but it was Midnight!


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