Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tuesday 21st December 1937

Tonight we rehearsed “Fantastic Flight” on the stage. I drove Hope Tregoring to her beastly nearby home. Pursuing my discoveries – She is a shorthand typist, works locally, has lived in Southend about four years. She spent some time abroad in her childhood. Her father was with a cable and wireless company, hence the trips to foreign parts. Alighting (or emerging) from the Zephyr, she went towards the house.
Would she look back at the gate? Would she? Yes! She turned at the gate and smiled demurely!

I then drove home, elated at the smile but gloomy because I should not see her until January eleventh, Nineteen Thirty Eight. This is priceless! After being alone and content for so long, I simultaneously discover two attractive girls!


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