Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday 27th November 1937

Evening ticket to Liverpool Street – 2/1d. Up by the 5:30 from Southend. Pleasant change to go by train instead of driving, but these LNER carriages are not very comfortable. However, I had a “thriller” by Philip MacDonald and was happy enough. (Those 6d Crime Club (Pocket Edition) books are very handy for travellers).

Jolly to be in London again – the tubes, the crowds. In Southend, the predominant element of the people is something below middle class. In Surrey and the Thames Valley this is not so; and the same applies to London’s West End. Met John at Piccadilly Circus – “the very breath and heartbeat of the world” – and we had dinner at Schmidt’s once more.

Afterwards, we had decided to see a show at the Duke of York’s. Arrived there rather late, we stood discussing which seats were to be taken. Suddenly I saw a notice which bluntly read; “Dress Circle Full”. Glancing along a line of similar ominous notices we eventually saw the final, “House Full”. So we went to the newly opened Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, where the premiere of “Prisoner of Zenda” was being shown.

Came back to Liverpool Street and had a cup of tea and a sandwich before catching the 12:20 down. Wished it had been Waterloo – for auld lang syne. And the same difference in type of people is evident at Liverpool Street and Waterloo as at Southend and Staines. No, perhaps not quite so evident. From Liverpool Street also, people journey to Frinton and the better class areas around Chelmsford. Cold carriage on the way down. Then half an hours walk to “Sway” in the crisp coldness.

Bed 2:30.


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