Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wednesday 19th January 1938

My fatal day – the nineteenth! Lucky also this time. Away early and drove to Colchester. In a village I saw a builders office. Jumped out of the car, dashed in: saw the right man at the right moment. Demonstrated Undercoat Paste, sold a hundredweight. Good trade refs. Readily given. If all calls were like that!

Afternoon at Wrights (Colchester) Ltd. The firm where I tried a new “approach”.
After talking to the Secretary and their two travellers (my first experience of group selling) for two hours, I received an opening stock order - £34. That makes my week’s turnover £40 and a record!

Left Colchester at 5 o’clock – twilight. Drove hard. Home 6:10. Pat Retallack and I arrived at the Ritz simultaneously at 7:30, just as the second programme commenced.


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