Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday 16th September 1938

(“Premier’s historic flight” “Premier’s statement tonight” “Hitler’s demands”)

An order (worth 16/-) at 4:30p.m. today broke the long spell. I also collected £1 towards settlement of an overdue account. And received three complaints! Two, serious enough to be reported immediately, whilst the third must be investigated at my next visit.

Called for Lois tonight; whilst she got herself ready, I had to stand and talk to her parents. Their dull, old-fashioned “churchiness” and conventionality, strips Lois of all the things I love in her. They take away all colour and romance, too.
(Even in 1938 some people crave colour and romance!)
Small wonder that I do not care to linger in their company, although doubtless, they are “worthy” people.

We went to see “White Oaks” at the Palace Theatre. Got back to Oakdene just at 11 o’clock. No good-night kisses.


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