Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday 9th September 1938

Sent off a cheque to the car insurance company, renewing my policy. £12-3-9 – that will reduce my bank balance to about £5-6-11. Usual instalment (£4-9-7) next week and road tax renewal (31/-) at the end of the month.

Afternoon: had completed my list of local calls (having taken two orders) by 3:30p.m.
Although business is not too bad, it’s becoming more slack and the international crisis doesn’t help matters.

Crisis? Oh, yes, we have another one! Hitler threatens Czechoslovakia. If the dispute is not peacefully settled there will be a European war involving Germany, France, Czechoslovakia and Great Britain. However, we’ve been on the brink of war for several years now… Headlines:- “Cabinet Called for Monday” “Hitler knows where Britain Stands” “Warning Against Aggression” “French Reserves Called Up” “France Mans Maginot Line” “Hitler will never destroy Czech democracy until he destroys the Czechs!"

However, this wanders from the point! I finished my calls at 3:30. Rang Lois. Yes, she could come out! Called for her about 4 o’clock and drove to Nobles Green. Parked the car in a bridle track and walked across to Hockley. Part of the way Lois led, part of the way I showed her my new route. It was ripping to be out together, in the fresh air, when we both should have been at work! We lay in a field awhile, her head pillowed on my arm and talked idly about Czecho-Slovakia. Otherwise we did not worry unduly about Herr Hitler!

When we reached the car again – 5:30p.m. – we found the offside window smashed. About sixty cigarettes missing. Luckily my hat, gloves, mackintosh and business papers had not been touched. Blasted thief! I was sorry about the death tubes (hope they choke him) but the window damage is covered by the insurance. Reported the occurrence to the police.


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