Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday 2nd September 1938

Local work again today – and things seemed much brighter. Four orders. (One was from the Jew, Greenbaum, who gave me such a nasty first interview yet is now very pleasant – and a regular customer.) Ever since April (29th, actually) I’ve been trying to get some business from Soulsby, a fairly “big” contractor, who sent enquiries to Paripan Ltd and all the leading firms about that time. Have not reached his private sanctum since then – couldn’t get past his secretary. Today, however, I had another long interview with him and I think we are “in”! Anyhow, he’s written to the estates for a stock list, and wants to see me again early next week…

After lunch – I’d made several useful calls and taken three orders – I gave myself a pleasant surprise in the form of a 3d seat at the News Theatre, near Victoria Circus. Spent about an hour there before going to work again. An orchestra was playing (on the screen, of course) as I sat down in the dark theatre. “Night and Day…”


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