Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday 1st July 1938

"Yes,” said the clerk, “Mr Smith will see you but he’s engaged now. Do you mind waiting?” (Blimey! I’d waited a year for this interview!) Mr Smith, the Education Committee Architect, was a tall grey-haired man, whom I liked the look of.

Extract from my official report:- “Naturally reluctant to have them approved in connection with the above contract. Eventually agreed to approve our Parax Paint finishes and Randall’s H20 Paint…” The word “eventually” covers about half an hour of salesmanship.

Went to Great Baddow. Saw Garforth and Wellham. Quoted 25% of Randall’s and 33 1/3% of Parax list prices. Heavy discounts. Worth it to get my foot in. Colours being chosen tomorrow morning.

Evening. Lois and I went to the Pictures together, for the first time. Coming out of the Ritz, walking across the car-park, I held her arm. Her fair head above my shoulder we strode together, in step. “I’d still love you, if you were an ugly piece of work but I’m jolly glad you’re not, so I can be proud of you, and show off!” She tilted her head and laughed. “An ugly piece of work!”

And the car started without any turning of the handle!


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