Monday, March 17, 2008

Thursday 16th June 1938

Lucky day! Hot sunshine! Left the digs about 9:15. Called at the post office; bought postal orders to the value of £4-9-7 and sent them off to the car credit firm. Next, visited the Southend Standard office and handed in the following announcement for publication:-

“Dawson – Rogers

The engagement is announced between Lois, only daughter of Mr and Mrs GW Rogers of Oakdene, Eastwood and Stephen John Dawson, of Roedean, Eastwoodbury, eldest son of Mr and Mrs NC Dawson of Hawthorn Court, Ealing Common”

“That will be 4/-“ said the pale-faced methodical clerk unemotionally, as though he did not realise the immense importance of the slip of paper in his hand! Then I went to a jewellers, discussed engagement rings, got a ring measuring card. Next called at the Bank and cashed a cheque for £6 (leaving my balance at one pound nought and something, I think!) A few minutes later I was at Eastwood and discussing rings etc, with Lois.

Afterwards I called at Pa Shervills and told him the exciting news. Lois arrived with similar intentions as I was leaving. “Now to work” I thought, getting out my appointment book. Good Heavens, it was still the right side of eleven o’clock! Drove fast to Billericay, along the arterial road, Zephyr runs beautifully now. One, two, three calls without seeing the buyer; trunk call to Wrights Ltd, Colchester, re. a misunderstanding. Then I found a builder – who did not want any paint. Pretty grim! Decided to hang about the town until lunchtime. Glad I did! Two orders in Billericay, then hurried to Wickford – it was still lunchtime – and took two more, larger orders. Afterwards, without any cares, I went to a café for my lunch.

Drove to South Benfleet. I was able to find Alden and Stevenson without any trouble. They both gave decent orders! Finally went into a café for a cool drink. Iverson, an occasional builder-client, sat there. We chatted across the tables – not about business. As I opened the door to leave:- “Send me another two gallons of glossy cream” he said.

Seven orders!


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