Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturday 11th June 1938

This afternoon I drove across to Hatfield Broad Oak and had tea with Anne. Later we went to Harlow and took a skiff on the “Stort”. I told Anne casually that I’d fallen in love with someone. It made a profound difference to her, somehow. Hadn’t imagined that it would. After supper I left the cottage. Anne followed me out, sat in the car with me. She said we must not meet any more now. We talked and the atmosphere became gradually more emotional. Suddenly we were in each other’s arms. Anne! I could not realise it was the same girl! Obviously I knew damn-all about women.

Hours must have passed since we sat down in the car. And eventually we decided to meet again, as before. I wish we hadn’t. I wish we had just clasped hands and said “cheerio”. Eventually, this is going to hurt her much more. Ironical! Three years ago tonight I said good-bye to Peggy, because she had too many other sweethearts. And called it “Break at Midnight”.

Drove homewards along quiet roads. Supper and a book. Bed 3:30.


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