Monday, March 10, 2008

Wednesday 1st June 1938

Flaming June” begins, with high cold winds and squalls of rain. Bois Roussel won the Derby, from Scottish Union and Pasch. One order today , worth about 10/- Lousy!

Evening: The rain ceased, the wind became stronger. Took Phyllis for a drive across Foulness Island (I am now armed with a Permit and so can use the War Department Road whenever I please.) Went to The Kings Head to make further arrangements regarding forthcoming ramble. At nightfall I stopped the Zephyr in a quiet piece of road. A few miles distant, a heavy gun was firing; every few minutes we saw the flash. Wind, becoming more forceful, tore at the car.

I’m becoming pretty shallow in love. Created an unenviable record this week. Lois in my arms on Monday, Pat last night, whilst this evening – the most passionate kisses I’ve ever know. Abandonment! How feverishly she moved in my arms; kissing open-mouthed! Mentally, spiritually I have nothing in common with Phyllis. In the day I hardly like her. But at night – God! How she stirs me!


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