Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday 19th November 1938

Took B and AV into dock again, for repairs to the silencer and fitting of a new tyre (£1-4-0). This has put the final touch on B and AV’s perfection and she no longer sounds like a racing car. She runs smoothly and almost noiselessly. People can talk without raising their voices whilst she purrs along at 35 or 40 mph. Yes, she purrs now instead of bellowing, howling or roaring!

Lois and I went to the pictures this afternoon, and later dashed out to The Blue Bird Café for a late tea. We sat in B and AV in a lonely lane near Cherry Orchard, quarrelling and kissing alternately. When we looked at my watch it was – horror! – 11:40p.m. Rushed frantically back to Oakdene. Midnight!


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