Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday 17th November 1938

A good “local” day on the road. It’s been quite a good week, considering the season:-
Monday, Zone One, Southend, Leigh and Westcliff. A ten gallon order and a cheque from Ridd. Tuesday, Zone Three. A six gallon order from Hedges of Pitsea. Wednesday in Zone Four (Crouch-Blackwater) seemed as though it would be bloody awful, until about 4 o’clock, when I received two orders from agricultural engineers (one a new account). The interviews occurred in places far removed from new buildings – and the building trade depression. Thursday, Zone One, three orders. Spent an exciting hour in the afternoon, tracing my bete noir, one Copeland (in debt to the extent of £20) who had disappeared from his residence. Found him eventually, with the help of a friendly estate agent, whose secretary made systematic telephone calls until the new address was unearthed. Friday, only one order in Zone One but I collected three overdue accounts.

Evening: First night’s drill with my new unit – The Essex Yeomanry, Chelmsford.
They didn’t seem very smart on parade. “Bullshit” noticeably lacking. Learnt a lot the Signals had never taught me about - the Don 3. Their reading speed was quite easy, in the Morse exercises. I rank as a trained Signaller in this unit!


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