Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wednesday 2nd November 1938

Turnover not very large but a satisfactory and promising day, nevertheless. Eight calls: no “unproductives” and only one “contact”. Something to report at all the others. Collected an overdue account at Laindon and received part-payment and another order at Romford. Trial priming order from Kind’s at Upminster. Stock order for a new shop at Upminster (Holden’s) which has a business-like atmosphere and should prosper (taking Paripan products with it on the tide, we hope!) Interesting and promising interview at East Horndon with Rotary Hoes Ltd, an Australian company of agricultural machine manufacturers who are to start production here shortly. I liked the buyer (who is also the rotary hoe inventor). Direct and straightforward, a typical colonial, without any “swagger”. I told him so; he liked that! The Holden stock kept me some time; it was 5:30 p.m and dark before I got away from the shop.

Soon I was rushing down the arterial road. Double track road for cars and a separate cycle path. On, your old car bellows! Unvarying speed, behind the headlights. 40.
A red light ahead. You draw nearer. Click! The offside indicator pops out, you swing over, right foot moves down slightly. 45. You rush past the other vehicle. And on. 40. Traffic indicator in again.

Stopped for coffee and a welsh rarebit at the Bluebird Café. Did some of my office work there, neatly and methodically. Home 7 o’clock. Finished work 9:30.


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