Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tuesday 25th October 1938

Lois and I attended the dynamic Miss Hollingsworth’s Elocution Class. We both felt brave enough to stand up and speak. (It’s more on the lines of a public speaking class this year.) Not many people at school. Terrible fog. One of the worst I’ve known. Took 45 minutes to reach school and 25 minutes to get back to Oakdene. Thrilling moment when, knowing the road you decide to take a chance, accelerate to 15 – 20 mph, swing out and pass the slow moving car ahead! Made good speed along London Road, Westcliff on the way in, by keeping well out and following the tramlines.

Kissed “goodnight” in the drive at Oakdene, then began to discuss Sundays estrangement. She felt rotten too and thought I was far away! We talked our way back to happiness, sitting in the car.


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