Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday 10th October 1938

Local calls. Eleven interviews, three orders. £4-10-0.

Company Meeting this evening. Our own Signals Second in Command and a Colonel and Adjutant of Searchlights harangued us, saying that no. 3 Company would cease to exist at the end of this month, that the new local Searchlight unit was hundreds short, and that we could now transfer to Searchlights, transfer to nos. 1 or 2 Companies Signals (in London) or leave TA altogether. They emphasized what a fine show the Searchlights was. Very important work, very interesting, better pay, faster promotion. (I rose and put a cunning question to which I knew the answer; “The uniform will be infantry, I presume?”)

Presently, after several of us had jumped up several times, expressing various views, the Searchlight and Essex Regt. Officers went out, whilst we debated fiercely in little groups. When they returned, there was a show of hands, just so that they could get some idea of the “feeling” of the Company. 23 men wanted to go over to the Searchlight unit. 12 wished to transfer to one of the London Signals units. (I was in this group.) 15 wanted to apply for their discharges and leave TA altogether.
9 men did not vote at all. So, at the end of all their speeches, the disappointed Searchlight (ex The Essex Regt.) officers only gained 23 men. And the TA lost 15 entirely! Thirty four members of the Company were absent. It is difficult to say what course they, approached individually, will adopt.


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