Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thursday 29th September 1938

I told Lois she’d been so sweet, such a darling… What could I do in return? “Be sweet to my people” she whispered. So I shall try to do so. We left Hawthorn Court at midday. It’s been a glorious three days holiday.

Called at the office, idled about, looked through the files, said I was returning to Eastwoodbury. Met Angel again at 4 o’clock. Crawled through London (“Europe’s Big Four Meet”) until we reached the Old Southend Road, then B and AV sped joyously. As soon as we reached Oakdene, all the miserable deception began again. The Rogers mustn’t see my uniform and kit in the car, otherwise they’d know I’d been back to Eastwoodbury since taking their daughter away… However, I went in, and we all chatted in friendly spirit. Had a cup of tea with them.

Signals drill hall tonight. We were still to stand-by in case of need. We were the only unit still remaining un-mobilised, in Southend. A doubtful honour! We got every thing ready; blankets, plates, entrenching tools, tele-poles stacked near the doors. Then did gas-mask drill. Hell, when the crisis is altogether past, no.3 Company will probably be disbanded entirely. We’ll all have to separate and join new units. Hell!


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