Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday 20th September 1938

Anniversary of my start with Paripan Ltd. – five years ago.

This morning’s mail included the copy of an order received from Beacon Store Co., Grays (i.e. Mr Billings!) which was worth about £25. Rayleigh, Billericay, Chelmsford. Sandon today. A few fairly promising calls on new “prospects”. Two orders – in Rayleigh – one quite small, the other – a new account – worth about £9-10-0. Curiously, the latter was a call I’d hardly troubled to make as, at my last (and only) visit, my card was returned with the message that “Mr Sanders” wouldn’t be “ wanting any paint” as he would not do any decorations “until the houses were sold and would then buy locally”.
For about the thousandth time I note the moral – never accept a negative; there’s always a chance of doing business!

Delightful place for lunch at Billericay. More like a club than a café. Everyone frightfully chummy, chatting across the tables. The proprietoress herself came and had a cup of tea with us. Most of the clientele were commercial travellers who called in every month or so at regular intervals. There was also a remarkable young lady from Billericay UDC offices, who said she’d seen me before. “Ah! Paripan paint!” she cried delightedly, when I admitted that one of our calendars hung in the office.


Anonymous Julia Ellis said...

I had not heard of Paripan paint but have just acquired an original, large publicity photo for it showing a serious looking scientist mixing various chemicals against a backdrop of Paripan paint jars. The photo is by the well=known fashion & society photographer Dudley Glanstone and is entitled 'The more you wash it, the better it looks - 'Paripan Paint. Hope this is of interest -
also photo will be for sale. julia

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