Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday 23rd September 1938

Blazing hot day; this must be positively the last heat wave of the year. Collected the car from Rayleigh at 11:30 a.m. Repairs had cost 10/- The “front wheel wobble” is getting much worse now. It occurred, sickeningly, every time the car’s speed fell below 28 miles per hour. (Lois says there’s no cure except a new axle or a new car…)

Although I started late I made eight local calls and took three orders. (One order was from the elusive builder whom I couldn’t find yesterday) Today’s orders brought the week’s turnover (a short week too, only Tuesday to Friday) up to £54. A record! In spite of the dark international horizon!

“Premier Writes To Hitler; Don’t march on Czechs: Their frontier must not be changed during our talks” “Czech Nazis Invade Sudeten Frontier” “Russia Warns Poland” “Clamour in Warsaw for the immediate seizure of Teschen” “Hungary putting forward three-point demand”

Called for Angel this evening; her mother said she’d gone for a walk. Instinct made me drive to Nobles Green. I smoked a pipe, glanced at the paper in the glimmer from my dashboard light. Neither of us were surprised to meet the other in that silent, deserted spot. She said she had to walk, felt so upset. Trouble at home. (Oh! I didn’t want this to happen!) She cried in my arms, a little. If only I’d enough money, so that we could marry straight away!


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