Monday, April 07, 2008

Friday 7th October 1938

Rain, heavy rain. I didn’t start from the digs very early and the journey (North Western Corner) was a long one, yet I seemed to make good progress. Maybe 'cos I didn’t search long for absent clients (resulting in a long list of “unproductives”) and didn’t dally long in conversation anywhere. Collected an overdue account and took a small order at Colne Engaine. Small order at Halstead. Then the cross-country run to Saffron Waldon.

Heavy rain, empty roads. Once the downpour was so great that some rain must have driven under the bonnet to the ignition, for B and AV was very feeble for a while.
Reached Saffron Waldon as the rain ceased, at 1:30p.m., just in time to catch my new (and a little phoney) stockist customer. A cheque, complaint and distemper stock order.

Went to a café, wrote out complicated memoranda and reports occasioned by the last call, and had a quick lunch.

Afternoon – utterly unproductive calls in Dunmow and Chelmsford.
Evening – called on Yeldham and collected the usual “quid” on account.
Later, office work.

Company Meeting for next Monday:-

“The meeting which was called for 26/9/38 will now take place on Monday 10/10/38 at 2000 Hrs. In your own interest you should make a special effort to be present.” Thus ran a postcard from the Signals, received this evening. Disbandment!


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