Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Monday 3rd October 1938

Left Ealing Common 9 o’clock. Made calls in Romford, Upminster and Hornchurch. Total turnover about £2. The front springs of B and AV were gradually going, so I called at Upminster garage for repairs. (Might otherwise have had a crash before I reached home.) Made a call on foot, had a protracted lunch, sat in the dingy garage reading a detective story, went back to the café for tea.

They seemed to take B and AV’s bows to pieces entirely and tightened up various nuts and bolts which, the mechanic said, would probably stop the deplorable “shuddering” and “wobbling” experienced at low speeds. Bill came to £1-14-3. I paid £1-0-0 cash and arranged to send the rest against invoice. Left at 5:30p.m. Already dusk. Cold, high rough wind, heavy rain. The B and AV swayed from side to side as she sped homewards.

Spent most of a prosaic evening talking with Lois and her people, at Oakdene.


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