Monday, April 07, 2008

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October 1938

Two happy days! I rid myself of the black devil which has been riding with me for a week or more! Not only has the gloom gone but I feel myself near to Lois again. It was awful to feel far apart and know it was my fault. I used the magic of Kent, where happy memories lay. We were driving aimlessly along the arterial road near Laindon when I suddenly decided to swing southwards to Tilbury. We left the B and AV there, at the station, and crossed by the ferry. It was fun to be going into Kent so late in the day – nearly 4 o’clock. Lois and I strode fast across the fields beyond Gravesend. It rained steadily, but we laughed and kept on. (Gradually, effortlessly, the blackness miraculously left me.)

We wandered along strange woodland ways as dark came; through tunnels of trees sometimes. At the far end of the woods we sat down and saw the lights of Rochester, sprawling across the hill. Angel found a Primrose beside her. A Primrose flowering in early October. We turned our backs on the lights of the town and retraced our way through the woods. Then, in the darkness, across parkland, past a gaunt sinister building; until we came to little Cobham village. We had tea – with Devonshire cream! – at “The Little Dorrit”. Sat a long time there – close comrades again! The rain had almost stopped. We walked back to Gravesend in the night.

Home at eleven o’clock, both a little tired, very muddy and very happy.

Sunday – Lois and I were out in the country again, rambling with the club. At first I thought we’d never reach the rendezvous (Wickford Station) in time; the damned little B and AV refused to start. Eventually, sweating and cursing, I had to push it up and down the lane. She started after about half an hour. It was already time for us to be at the meeting-place, when I called for Lois. However B and AV made amends by clattering heroically to Wickford, (ignoring all the 30 mile limits) and by sheerest luck we eventually overtook Grace, Ellen and the rest about 1 1/2 miles from the station, just before they took to the fields.

Walked all day around the Hanningfields, hardly seeing a road. Heavy going – several ploughed fields – and we were all pretty tired when we reached Galleywood for tea.
Six miles along the road, to Billericay afterwards. Lois and I were there first! We were back at Eastwood about 7:30p.m. Bought some chocolate and “Hippy Buchan”. Sat in the car at Cherry Orchard and read “Hippy”. When the torch began to fail we read – each other.

Lois did not get back to Oakdene until 11:30. Several times now she’s returned after the Curfew Hour – and nothing said. Maybe they’re becoming human.


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