Monday, April 07, 2008

Tuesday 11th October 1938

Brentwood, Laindon and Rayleigh. Two orders, both new accounts. £4-10-0. The third order, also from a new customer, I passed on to Skinner’s, the merchants.

Back in Southend about 5:30. A little melody has been haunting me for some time. It reminded me of 1938 and Lois, somehow. (Silly, when 1938 and Lois are here, in the present!) I don’t know when I first heard the tune, but about a month ago it was played on the wireless in a little café by Benfleet Creek. Nobody knew the name! Last night at Signals, one of the men thumped it out on the piano in the drill hall.
“What is that?” I asked Fayers, sitting next to me. “Love walked right in” he replied, “I think!” So tonight I bought the gramophone record of “Love Walked In”. They put it on the radiogram first. Yes! That was the tune. Theme song for my 1938!

Sat by the fireside at Roedean and read a stirring story by S Fowler Wright – “Lords Right in Languedoc”. Swords, spears, bows, castle and town, the women of both, gentle knights, sturdy town folk and skilful professional soldiers!

At 9:30 p.m. I went into Southend and to the Municipal College. Pushed open the door of Room 15. There was Miss Hollingsworth, alone, marking the register. Reunion! Yes, some of my old acquaintances were in the class again, and I could transfer from the Dramatic Art class (joined in error last week). We had milk shakes at a bar in High Street, then I drove her to the station for her train to town.

Went to Oakdene afterwards and left my gramophone record with Lois, after we’d played it through. Helped Lois with the Club accounts, then had a coffee. Did not leave until 12!


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