Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday 17th October 1938

A worrying week, the last. Had to go to the Office on Thursday, in connection with a complaint which has been dragging on for months now. Therefore, no call, no orders, that day! B and AV would not start so I had to go up by train. That, however was a nice change and I had a good book to read.

A garage man came out to Eastwoodbury on Friday and eventually got B and AV mended. About 6/-. Two orders on Friday.

Spent the weekend at Wolfhampcote.

Took two orders today. Only made five calls! One of the calls was on the Philosophical Mann, at Shoeburyness. Always a long talk there. We stood discussing pleasant dreamy subjects whilst the shadows lengthened and the afternoon grew cold.

Bitterness at Signals tonight when we were told that after all, there were no vacancies for men at Stratford. Many men then lined up at a table, having their names put down for the Searchlights. There was also a horribly long list of names at another table, labelled “Discharges”. At least two Sergeants and the Sergt. Major applied for discharges! One of the sergeants said he “felt like howling” at the thought of having to leave. “Cheerio, you fellows” said the other. “Anyone want a bandolier?” The Sergt. Major (with 15 years service) said, “I just aint interested in searchlights. I look up maybe, and think, “They’re pretty” but that’s all. So I’m going to pack it up”.

I didn’t put my name on either list. Maybe they’ll change their minds another bloody time yet!


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