Saturday, April 12, 2008

Introduction to Starshine 1938

Let us think of the more happier things, not of business depression.

Money: Flowing in!

On October 28th I received a surprise gift of £5 from my mother. Presumably for a new suit, I put it in the Bank. On the 31st – 10/- from the TA – travelling allowance. On the 1st, came my quarterly commission cheque (covering the July – September period) of £19-12-7. I now have, instead of almost nothing, over £27 in the Bank.

Possessions: Increased!

During the last few days I’ve bought new pyjamas (lovely, art silk!) new socks, warm, fur lined gloves and a pair of silk stockings for Loischen. (Yet I have still £2 to last until pay day!) When my surplus kit (that not required for my new unit) was taken in by the Signals Quartermaster, he left me my bandolier and RC Signals buttons. Maybe I’ll be able to retain them for myself! Small but satisfying.

Elocution: Improvement!

On November 1st, I had to speak on the motion that “Territorial conscription be made lawful in this country”. I’m still nervous as hell, and wonder if I seem to be visibly trembling, but what an improvement from the agonising speech I made last year! Stumbling, faltering, not able to control my hands or stand up straight, not able to once look at my audience. Then I prayed for the end, now I felt quite regretful when “Madam Chairman” (Lois!) signified that I’d gone over time and must draw to a close.

Business is hellish bad, but when there’s money in the Bank, the chance of marriage seems a little nearer. Yes, there is happiness!


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