Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday 28th October 1938

Even in winter, it seems, Angel can give me an idyllic day. I took her with me on the road for the quarterly journey into my “north eastern corner” It was lunchtime when we reached Dovercourt and I’d only made two casual and unproductive calls. Didn’t feel like work! Had lunch at The Cliff, a decent place – with a fire! – on the front. Sat over lunch for a long time but eventually decided to do some work. Made three thoroughly serious calls. Two orders. Turnover £14. More than I deserved!

We found a groin or mole that ran out into Dovercourt Bay. About a furlong in length. On either side the sea surged. We were quite alone out there. We walked back to the land holding hands tightly, the setting sun in our faces. We had watched a large, black sea bird take off, wheel and fly fast across the greyness, outwards.
The B and AV trundled away in the falling light. My right hand steered and worked the gears. Milady held my left hand in both hers.

At a little café adjoining a garage, just beyond Colchester, we had tea. A little room to ourselves, two cosy chairs (we didn’t sit to table!) and a wood fire. I did my office work, Angel read poetry. I smoked my pipe.

We took the road again and now I wrapped the rug around Milady. Sang old songs whilst B and AV crawled slower and slower into the cold night. Beyond Chelmsford, near Sandon, was an unused road. Once it was the direct route between Chelmsford and Southend. Now, however, a new, better road has been made and sweeps past both ends of the old way. We turned off into this old road and backed B and AV into a conveniently open gateway. And were at last alone, together, in each others arms!
How the time fled! It was eleven o’clock. B and AV flew homewards. “Good night Mio.”


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