Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday 6th March 1939

Slinky B was not quite ready but had been patched-up so that I could drive her today – with a dented wing. I got into the familiar seat and sank deep. Green carpets. “Legroom”. Familiar gadgets. I pulled out the choke control, switched on the ignition, depressed the clutch and pulled the started button. The engine purred instantly. For the first time, I really appreciated Slinky B! After a weeks absence I was surprised at her power and smooth running. It was lovely to know there was a brake light on the rear and a trafficator at each side.

Returning through Great Baddow in the early evening, before nightfall, I saw a tree in full blossom, in a garden. Lovely pink blossom. They say it is almond. With this sign of spring, seen as I passed by, I end –



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