Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wednesday 22nd February 1939

A grey, cold wet day. (And Slinky’s windscreen wiper ceased to function.)

Turnover nil – but there was a £6 order (for exterior water paint) in the post, to help matters.
Colchester, Coggeshall and Braintree. Very depressing. I can’t make head way in these districts, which I’ve now made merchant controlled. Can do much better when I’m free to sell any product at practically any price. Furthermore, Wrights (Colchester) Ltd do not seem to be justifying themselves as stockists. They sell a hell of a lot of coal and bricks but that is no use to me! Thank heavens I only tried the merchant experiment in one district! It is not quite 5 p.m. but I am already back at digs, huddled over a not-too-cheery fire. Slinky B is at the nearest garage, having the windscreen wiper examined.


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