Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thursday 16th February 1939

What a lucky day! The buyers seemed hypnotised; just couldn’t resist me! And the sun still shone. (Lucky that I changed to vivid ink today!)

First I called for some snaps at the chemists. Eight excellent pictures; Angel standing beside Slinky B, at Ibstone Common, John standing on a bridge by Virginia Water, Slinky B moving down a narrow Buckinghamshire lane…

Called at Chelmsford GPO. All going well; four gallons of OW materials ordered. It was still sunny when I reached Rayleigh. Mr Plumb ordered 7 gallons of gloss paint, u/coat and priming.
After a few hopeful calls I had lunch (hastily, feeling my luck was running high) and called on Ridd, Westcliff. Was only with him a couple of minutes; quite casually he gave me a 20 gallon order! This swift interview allowed me time to dash to Leigh and catch old Mitchell. He proudly showed me his new yard, gratefully accepted a lift to his “job” – and gave a six gallon order. Several afternoon calls, one resulting in an order for 1 cwt. of distemper – Thorby Bros.

I returned to digs jovially after a day whose turnover had been more than half as good as that of the whole of January. To crown it all a letter and 2 x1/2 gallons order awaited me from Mr Sims of ANS Cycles! That brought the days turnover to over £25… In the dining room, Mrs Reedy informed me that “the sales manager” had rung up, asking that I should not leave the house until the mail arrived tomorrow, as there was an important letter in the post. Flavel, sitting beside me, laughed loudly, realising this was the repercussion of my Monday lies. As I actually leave digs about 10 a.m. most mornings and the post is delivered at 7:45, it was somewhat humorous!

There was an unusually large amount of office work and after dinner I tackled it enthusiastically. (clad comfortably in grey bags and a grey polo-necked jersey).


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