Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monday 6th February 1939

A bright sunny day – and business improved! Turnover just over £5. The first call was at Great Baddow. “I’ve got no order for you” said the builder, sadly. “H’m. By the way how did you like that distemper last autumn?” “Oh, yes, it was alright”
Pause. “Glad you liked it. Did they allow you the discount I promised?” “Yes, I got the discount.” Pause. “You can send me in a hundredweight, same colours as before” he said suddenly.

Small order at South Benfleet next. Then, the ideal culmination of a series of calls and carefully tried samples at Scott-Hudson and Wilsons, Leigh on Sea. They have been using our coach finishes for baby carriages and are now also making nursery furniture, So, after a long and pleasant discussion, I received a cheque in settlement of account and a stock order for semi-gloss paint for nursery furniture.

A warm day, but it began to get cold again at twilight. Called at Ted Tutton at Rayleigh. He had a semi-conscious dog tied down on the surgery table, and was performing a minor operation. Devil of a lot of blood about. While he deftly cut and sewed and probed he laconically discussed the weather and our next meeting.


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