Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wednesday 1st February 1939

Beginning of Stillness

I awoke late after a long sleep and vaguely pleasant dreams. Hurried through dressing and breakfast and was on the road by half-past-ten. Cool, but dry and sunny.
No need to be constantly wiping condensation “fog” from the inside of the car windows!

Calls in Saffron Walden, Thaxted, Dunmow and Braintree. Only one really productive: that was my racketeering merchant cum decorator client at Saffron Walden. Gave an order worth about 12/- and settled his account (£3-0-0). Called at a garage in Chelmsford re. minor adjustments to the car door and then raised the question of cellulose materials. May get some business there, later.

Evening: Went to the pictures. Had a middle front row balcony seat for two jolly good films. Cup of tea at a snack bar afterwards.

Back at the digs, Bradbury, Bisley and Flavel (who has retuned for a few days) were lounging around the fire. Had two games of chess, one with Bisley and one with Flavel. I won the game against Flavel – he’d never played before! Have now had five games – four this week and one in 1928 or '29, at Leicester.

Now I’ll go to bed, having made independent arrangements for two blokes to call me tomorrow morning!


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