Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday 30th January 1939

Southend district. One order - £1-17-6.

CHA Committee Meeting in the evening. They always irritate me, black mood or not. Too many women on the Committee, therefore there’s a hell of a lot of purposeless chatter and little business is done. It appears to be a sort of afternoon tea-party.
I have seen so much of Lois at her home lately that I’ve almost forgotten what Angel Milady does and says! At home she is neither the dreaming, womanly woman nor the gay sophisticate. She is a harsh voiced person who rushes to and fro, nerve-wrackingly and unnecessarily. No, not my Loischen.

A letter from Gwyn Rowlands at the digs, when I returned home tonight. After three months teaching in Berlin, she’s got a job in Buenos Aires and sails (for South America!) on Saturday. Lucky Gwyn! She’ll sail southwards into the summer! In my imagination I call her “The-girl-whose-dreams-came-true”.

(So dreams can come true!)


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