Monday, April 21, 2008

Summary of Early 1939

I have not been keeping a journal. There has seemed no time…

The cold spell was followed by a wet spell. Three blokes have left the digs – Davies, Bartram and Flavel. Only six of us now. I’ve got a slightly more accessible garage now. And a marvellous wool beret was knitted for me by a friend of Pa Shervills’. Wearing it with a loud tie, given me years ago by Koke, I try to resemble a French onion man.

Have had a few outings with Joan, Mick and Peter. And, of course, my Lois! John has joined us once; Mad Willy has also spent a day here. There have been floods in the valleys. Slinky B has now done over 2200 miles without any trouble.

Business is not too good still. Sometimes there are not enough calls to occupy the day. This tends to make me slack.

Quite an average happy, unhappy nineteen days since New Years Day.


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