Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monday 26th December 1938

Angel wouldn’t let me sit up in bed when the maid brought in our early tea.
Eager to be proper and conventional I began to sit up. When unseen arms suddenly pulled me down again!

To the Malverns. Mist and rain; vision very poor. A sudden cliff-like hill towering out of the mist was my first impression. Left Angel in the car on the road at a sort of hill pass, put on my mac and boots, and climbed a steep, slippery slope, kicking my heels in. Yes! There was still ice and snow here! I ascended sideways, like a crab. An empty platform, flat, white. Could only see twenty yards each way. Stinging rain lashed my face. Exhilaration! Tramped over frozen snow drifts. How warm and quiet it seemed, down by the car again!

Took Angel, Mrs Nixon and her nephew into Worcester to see a rollicking film of Robin Hood. The manager of the cinema had reserved four (free) balcony seats, as it was Mrs Nixon. Returning, Slinky’s radiator boiled strangely and a garage man was only too pleased to help us – as it was Mrs Nixon!

Mr Nixon appeared to have been pondering Pontoon all the evening, from the deliberate way in which he suggested a game as soon as we arrived. Angel and I won.

We awoke some time in the stillness; were awake as the windows became pale with dawn.


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