Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday 17th December 1938

Lois knew nothing about the new car until today. She was cleaning the silver when I arrived. Presently I said I’d something to show her outside. I blinded her, tying my green scarf over her eyes (she, looking very pretty!). Led her out and lifted her into Slinky B She knew it was a new car when she sank into the seat; and she knew it was a Ford as we were travelling along the arterial road – 40-45-55-60. Drove to Rayleigh Weir, around the island and back, as on our engagement evening. Had lunch at Oakdene, did our joint Christmas shopping (conclusion of) in Southend. Slinky B has ripping acceleration in traffic.

Went to the flicks again (second time this week) because the weather had suddenly become very wintry. Lois found a pleasant café nearby for tea. I felt hungry so had egg, bacon and fried bread. We drank good coffee, served from a stone jug. We inspected Slinky B thoroughly and introduced him to Nobles Green. Slinky B liked it well enough but was able to leave when the time came.

Back at the digs (we get no late supper there) Bradbury and Bisley sat shivering beside a dying fire. Eventually the three of us went up to The Sunbeam in Bradbury’s car. We found a table near the fire and had supper (including several cups of hot coffee).


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