Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday 11th December 1938

B and AV did noble work. On the move practically all day, from 10:45a.m. to 11:30 p.m. I called for Lois, then drove to the Chilterns. We wandered around there - not even stopping for lunch – on the qui vive for likely Christmas digs.

Among other places I discovered an inn called “The Chequers” in a village called Fingest. Two or three years ago, I had tea there with John and Dick Young, after a long walk. My “Plumb” pipe (with red spot, showing pedigree) was newly bought then. Now it is on the verge of retirement and a new “Plumb” is on order.

In the evening we called at Hawthorn Court. Surprise! Mother’s excited cry, as she looked up and saw us standing, arm in arm, in the doorway! I was able to tell them happy news – that Lois’ father and I had (literally) shaken hands upon our differences. All this, yesterday. (He agreed to trust us more, not to watch the clock and most important, to see me when disgruntled, instead of saying bitter things to Lois.)

Reached Oakdene about 10:30. A few hasty kisses, then the lone road to Chelmsford.
B and Av running well, warm under my feet. Battery obviously, colossally charged!


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