Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday 26th November 1938

I drove up to Town, called at Ealing Common, went on to Staines. Arranged digs for the night at Mrs Stephens. She’d heard I was engaged. She’d “always thought” that “Miss Rowlands” and I would “make a match of it”. I told her I’d be in late and was shown where the key was kept. She gossiped a bit, as of old. It was lovely!

Called for Winnie at her place. It was thrilling to have to go to the servants entrance. The maids young man! My only disappointment was that there were no cooks, pantry-boys etc about and that I didn’t see the mistress. (Not that Winnie calls her “the mistress”. In fact I’ve never met anyone who spoke or looked less like a servant. She’s simply changed my whole opinion of domestic service! It’s a career for young ladies!)

We went to the flicks. There was quite a decent place in Weybridge. Later we came back to the kitchen and Winnie made the most luscious curry. She does a meal properly! There was sherry and also a sweet. Glorious hot curry with a kick in it.
Must be decent people. They’d said I should be made welcome. Probably realise they’ve got a jewel of a maid. I’d helped (blunderingly) to prepare the meal and also helped with the washing up. It was God knows how late when we’d finished but (there being no time restrictions here) we went out for a blow of air.

Winnie took me to a pool beside the main road, about five miles away, where the stars were reflected so clearly that there seemed a heaven below as well as above.
It seemed glorious to sit there lazily smoking, lazily talking, without frantically eyeing a watch or worrying about horrible-minded parents.

Left Winnie at “Woodrising” then drove home, through silent towns, to Staines. Put the car cautiously into the garage, found the key and my room. Two o’clock struck as I got into bed. Slept deep.


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