Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunday 20th November 1938

John and Noelle had a day with Angel and I. Early in the morning it seemed I’d have to meet them alone…

When I reached Oakdene I found an envelope addressed to myself tied to the front gate: “Be like a Boy Scout prepared for Anything!” was the unsigned note inside.
Inside I found an angry, dogmatic parent (oh blast him!) and a timid cowed Lois.
She’d been forbidden to come out today as a punishment for being late last night. And all the time her father and I snarled at each other, she sat at the table, head bowed, like a child in disgrace. Amazing she should be treated like this – a mature woman of thirty! I saw that; I heard my own voice, clear and keen; I saw her father’s glaring eyes; I heard his abrupt, some what uncouth voice. Eventually she was given permission to come out… He accused us of having spent some time in a “booze-house” among other things. Heaven knows why and heaven knows what was wrong if we had entered an inn or hotel! I later learned he’d called her “a dirty cat” last night. Oh! The old bounder!

After all that we had a happy day. Went on the Pier, played some quaint game (Essex versus Surrey – and Surrey won!) and had a decent lunch. Noelle wasn’t as blasé as I’d feared; John was as hearty and booming as ever; and Angel was – just Angel!
We walked back to the shoe with a devil of a wind behind us, then drove out to the May-Phil at Battlesbridge. Played nearly every game possible in the Clubroom and drank a non-intoxicating drink called Cydrax. Played inter-county darts – and Essex won the second two games out of three! So it was honours even. Angel was jubilant when the dart thudded into the final, desired “double”. Had tea at the May-Phil.
Heavy rain.

We drove back to Rochford, B and AV running beautifully – and said good-bye to Noelle and John. Took Angel home soon afterwards – at her request. (I was so fed-up that I suggested getting married, thus condemning ourselves to awful poverty.) Went into Oakdene with her. There didn’t seem to be any particular trouble brewing so I left soon after nine o’clock.


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