Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday 4th December 1938

The bedroom faced Staverton Clump. Very early in the morning, I stirred in my sleep, opened my eyes and saw a broad band of yellow and red creeping along the hilltops.

“Dreaming when Dawns left hand was in the sky…”

Very cold today. Lois and I got in wood for the fires. In the morning we got quite a decent stack. To my horror, Angel started to roll a great tree trunk, unaided! We eventually tipped it over the fence. (Wind blowing our hair into wild untidiness!)
I made her rest for a bit afterwards but she dashed off for more wood late in the afternoon, whilst I was doing some axe work. As Aunt watched her swinging off into the twilight fields, I knew they were going to like each other…

We left soon after 6p.m. Rain and high wind. Dark. Towcester, Stoney Stratford, Fenny Stratford, Dunstable. A snack at my usual half-way café (“George’s” near Marleyate) at 8 o’clock. St Albans, Barnet; then – a sudden higher note from the engine – eastwards along the North Circular Road. Home 10:30p.m.


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