Sunday, April 20, 2008

Friday 16th December 1938

One answer re. Christmas, a decent sounding place in Worcestershire. The hire purchase company wrote saying they’d take on my new proposal – with the previous guarantor, NC Dawson Esq. To hell with them, then! Rogers, the Kennings manager, agreed to put it through their own HP company, and without a guarantor. So I signed the forms, got my new cover-note from the insurance people, and delivered a hell of a lot of Paripan calendars.

Returned to Kennings. B and AV dashed nobly into the garage. I switched off the lights, put her in neutral, applied the brakes. Revved up, switched off the ignition.
“I feel very sentimental about this” I said, getting out. “There’s no other car like the first, you know.” “Oh don’t cry, sir!” said Burton, twinkling. I transferred all my junk from JN4218 to DEV763. The latter had been cleaned, greased and checked up. They also gave me a fill of petrol.

I had hoped to call my new car “Slinky” and think this can be so named. Actually it shall be “Slinky B” officially and “Slinky Bugger” privately and to my friends. Drove home to Chelmsford. Marvellous acceleration and power! Certainly a more civilized product altogether. It’ll cost £4 and something per month, for a year. Hell of a job to manoeuvre Slinky B into the garage at No.5, which is small and awkwardly placed. Actually, it’s impossible to close the doors when Slinky B is inside!


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