Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thursday 15th December 1938

Lois made the last few calls with me. Later we had tea at the Ritz Cinema Café. After tea, as there was a good “flick” on, we crossed through to the balcony. We’d been – for no reason – aloof, separate individuals. Sitting close by each other, in the dark, fidgety fingers twining about, we came together again, without a word being said.

Hurried back to Chelmsford. Hanson, Bartman and Flavel were playing pontoon in the lounge. I “sat in” for half-an-hour and lost about a shilling. Took my office work up to my bedroom. There was a two-page report regarding a complaint, which involved old references and the consequent searching of old files.

Again I just caught the midnight despatch.


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