Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wednesday 14th December 1938

B and AV’s sandglass was inverted for the last time – metaphorically – when I had a puncture at Leigh on Sea. With air sis-sss-ing steadily I dashed into Kennings.
Burton, the foreman, showed me a dashing black Ford Ten saloon which was for sale. 1936, one owner, five new tyres, only 15,000 miles. Had a trial drive – he let me take the wheel when we were out of sight of the garage. Seemed alright. In any case, being a regular customer, I can trust Kennings. Apparently someone else was considering it however.

Worked fairly late at Southend. Obtained my new “Plumb” pipe from Phyllis (Tobacco shop at Leigh, run by Phyllis Clark) and recalled at Kennings. The Ford hadn’t been sold. I ordered it. £70 B and AV being worth £22, I have to pay £48 plus hire purchase charges. Crawled back to Chelmsford through thick fog. High tea at No.5 (It’s more like dinner, actually; certainly not like the “high teas” we used to be insulted with at Magna Charta, Egham.) Davies, who has the adjoining bedroom was also late.

Afterwards a cosy fire in the lounge and somnolent fellow-diggers, reading.
Lois and I still have nowhere booked for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. So in desperation I swotted an AA farmhouse guide and wrote briefly to five places, inquiring if they had any accommodation for Christmas. I chose places which had several bedrooms and were not too expensive. Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Sussex(2) and Worcestershire. John Davidson requested information… I also wrote to my former HP company, asking if they’d like to handle the business with regard to my new car.

Walked down to the GPO and just caught the midnight mail with all this and my business letter.


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