Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wednesday 28th December 1938

Angel sang as she gazed out of the window –

“So early one morning,
Just as the sun was rising,
I her a maiden sigh
In the valley below…”

The song had a lovely, lilting rise and fall.

Mr and Mrs Chattan went across to the hotel for breakfast. (Bacon and eggs for the fourth time! Well, I like em!) A refined looking lot in the breakfast room but Angel said I looked the smartest man there – and she certainly looked the most adorable girl!

Up the hill out of Broadway. Lois drove. A signpost said, “Stratford on Avon”. “Where shall we go?” “Oh, lets go and see Aunt!” Leamington Spa, Princethorpe, Dunchurch. Mrs Stuchbury, at “The Castle” waved a welcome as we started across the fields. Aunt’s face, when we suddenly appeared! We quickly changed into rough clothes. We axed and chopped wood for the fires. Drove into Daventry for provisions. I said, “This morning we were gentle people at a quite impressive hotel. Now we’re a couple of rough country folk going into town for the shopping.” “Yes” said Lois, “And that’s the lovely part about it. Contrast!”

We stayed the night at Aunt’s. Fires in our bedrooms.


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