Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wednesday 25th January 1939

What a loathsome change of weather! Heavy snow falling all day! Ugh! It was hateful!
Skids again; wet feet, cold wet nose; rotten vision for drivers. Snow fell so thickly that every twenty minutes or so one had to stop and brush snow from the choked windscreen wipers.

Calls in Chelmsford, Romford and Upminster. Came home early in the afternoon.
Business impossible. It is nearly tea-time now and gloriously warm by the digs fire.
Bradbury came home just now. I heard his voice in the hall, “Nothing but cold and wet and misery…”

It is hellish. Damn and blast the winter! I always say that. Well, I bloody well mean it! In addition to hating cold weather myself, it plays such buggery with my business!


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