Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friday 10th February 1939

No orders on Wednesday at Southend. However, on Thursday I got a £6 order for HMOW materials at Chelmsford GPO (a contract I angled for all the winter) and today a £2-8-0 order at Colchester. It was the last call of the day, after quite hopeless visits in Colchester, Thorpe-le-Soken, Frinton and Clacton. I’d almost begun to expect “no”! “Never say “die” till you’re dead”, what?

A letter from John yesterday, to say that he’d obtained a job in Lancaster and would be leaving next week. It looks like – not the end of a friendship, but the end of a companionship…

Under the circumstances, and as I was going to Surrey in any case, I decided to spend the week-end in Staines – missing a day of Signals training unfortunately.
On returning from the drill hall, I found Wylie alone at the digs. We went up to “The Sunbeam” for supper, music and bar billiards. We had three games of billiards for free, as Wylie had a method of getting the sixpence through into the rejected coins slot! I also won a packet of cigarettes at a pin-table machine. Later Bisley and Bradbury also joined us, so it was quite a pleasant evening.

Returning late through silent Chelmsford, Bradbury, who was on my tail, swung out, accelerated and tried to pass. I also put my foot down. The Morris was coming up, it was level – but not clear enough to pull in to the left again. The gap remained and Slinkys needle swung upwards to fifty. Bradbury dropped to the rear again, permanently!


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