Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wednesday 15th February 1939

Maldon, Purleigh, Southminster. No orders; everyone full of depression, although it was a lovely day. Called at a Maldon Agent’s and got a list of houses to let in the Danbury district. Lois and I are to call for the keys on Saturday. Saw one place – the cheapest. Hadn’t realised Danbury, which is so charming, might have slums!

It was a semi-detached villa. Opposite was a row of horrible uniform houses. As my car stopped three faces appeared at the three nearest windows across the road. Two slatternly women and a dirty child. Imagine Lois being left all day, every day, among such surroundings!

As I drove back through Baddow I passed a prosperous building site which I’d never visited. “L.A. Carty and Co, Builders”. Saw a familiar face. Good heavens it was Corporal Carty, late of the Signals! I hesitated, drove on, then returned. Found “Mr Carty” high on some scaffolding. We talked about the Signals, the Searchlights, the Yeomanry, and business. He eventually ordered 5 gallons of Egham Paint. £3! So it wasn’t an empty day, after all!


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