Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friday 21st July 1939

Epping, Loughton, Waltham Cross. No orders; had to dodge showers all day. No windscreen wipers.

Evening: Took the recruits on morse. Quite amusing being an instructor. Lieutenant Adams also took notes. My clique later adjourned to Wainwrights. We rang Pat. She was all by herself; would Jacko and I come over? “On one condition,” I bellowed into the mouthpiece, “I am not going to be a gooseberry!” “Oh, you won’t be, Stephen” came a demure voice. “I’m just your mascot and I feel lonely and I want someone to talk to.” It seemed a crazy journey to make but – “When in doubt do the unusual”, says my favourite slogan.Took Mary home at 11p.m., met Jacko at 11:20p.m.

Called in at my pub for a quick wash and to don quiet, rubber soled shoes.
Patches of mist on the cross-country roads. Hobbs Cross 12:20. Cautious approach to a cottage where a light glimmered – Slinky parked on the roadside a little way back.
As instructed, we just opened the door and walked in. Pat, apparently clad in night-dress and dressing gown, sat on the sofa. Sweet music from the wireless. And soft lights from two candles and a lamp. I went, quiet determined to do no kissing but actually I began it. She’s a provocative little devil and tonight she seemed particularly keen to provoke me. Frightfully humorous experience to share a girl with another fella. In the middle of a kiss – “Aw, come on you blighter, it’s my turn now!”

We left 3:45. Cocoa and cheese and biscuits before I went to bed at Stock. 4:45. It was getting quite light.

Never kissed anyone so young as 16 before! Another new experience. What a nauseating wretch it is, isn’t it?


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