Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday 9th June 1939

Out on “Schemes” as usual today. As Ling did all the work yesterday – and did it well, I’ve heard – he had an easy time today, dozing beside the exchange. Getting to know the job now, although things don’t go too smoothly, still. This is chiefly due to faulty instruments.

Glad to be no longer an invalid; to be able to laugh again and join in the tent’s sing-songs and general gaiety. Class of men in the Battery has improved considerably during the influx of recruits. In the early part of the year – during the Signals Course at Colchester – the signalling section was composed chiefly of young hooligans; anyhow the YH element was predominant. Now however there is a distinct element of older and more refined men. The signalling section’s personnel has increased from 12 to nearly 40!

Jacko and Tiny and I drove around Harlow asking if anyone knew of a girl aged about 17, named Pat! Incredible as it seems, we eventually located her! Pat Dore, living about two miles from Harlow, at Hobbs Cross. Jacko telephoned this person – I hadn’t the nerve. Yes, she was the young lady who’d been on the river last Sunday with us!
We collected her and found a pub, where we had a few beers.

Then went to Epping for supper. Whilst we were waiting, I suggested that her Mother might be getting anxious (it was 11p.m.) So she phoned. Was Mummie anxious? She instructed her daughter to return home at once! We hurriedly gave instructions for the supper to be postponed until midnight. Ling, fortunately appearing at the café just then, agreed to eat Pats supper and ensure that the café did not close before we returned! We scorched to Harlow and left Pat with her relieved parent, (it must have seemed dangerous; young girl disappearing in the car with three strange men) and, back in Epping, found Ling loyally waiting. Thus we enjoyed a damn good supper at last.


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